Charting the Alpha Territory

This is simply a list of links to cumulative blog outputs from the ESRC funded Alpha Territory that I have written to date and others with colleagues (Roger Burrows, Hang Kei Ho, Simon Parker, David Rhodes) project by myself and in conjunction with colleagues. I will add to this as future outputs emerge.


The spatial consequences of Piketty’s understanding of Capital: A response to Piketty & Savage, Theory, Culture and Society blog


The super-rich in London: they live amongst us, but you won’t run into them (if they can help it), British Politics and Policy, LSE


The Power of Raw Money, Le Monde Diplomatique

London: where only the wealth of a global elite can find a home, Guardian

Cities for the Rich, Le Monde Diplomatique

Wealth, Housing Need and Austerity, Autotomically blog

The random neighbourhood, Autotomically blog

A city in thrall to capital? London, money-power and elites, Discover Society

On the Frontline: Domestic Sovereigns, Wealth and Public Space, Discover Society

A City Both Full and Empty: London and the Super-Rich, Critical Urbanists blog

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